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We help local families get & maintain great tasting, healthy, soft water so they can clean less, live fuller, and enjoy their homes more without breaking the bank!
“Have their water softener in the house and bottled water at our work, they are great.”
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How can we help you?

Our water specialists are ready to help you solve these common water issues!

Hard water buildup

Hard water buildup

More than just a pain to clean, hard water can cause permanent damage to water using appliances, pipes, faucets, and fixtures. Luckily, there’s an all-natural solution that will protect your home…

Iron water red brown stains

Iron & mineral Stains

Iron causes red/orange stains and can be seriously hard to clean up. ? There are two different types of iron, both treated by different methods, so a free home water test can help you determine the best plan of action.

Bad tasting chlorine water

Bad tasting or contaminated water

Most water contamination happens AFTER water leaves your local water treatment plant. Between the miles of pipes the water travels and the chlorine that’s used to kill bacteria, it’s not unusual for water in our area to taste pretty… gross.

Water filtration buyer's guide
Our Free Water Filtration Buyers Guide can make sure you don’t waste thousands of dollars on the wrong water filtration system to meet your needs. Download your free water filtration buyers guide today!

Why choose us


Whole house water treatment and water softener solutions for high-quality drinking water and soft water for your home and Business.


Your experience with us is our primary area of focus. Over the years we’ve served 10,000+ local residents and would love to earn your trust too.


The EcoWater Refiner has earned these agency seals: ISO 9001, 2 Gold Seals of Approval from the Water Quality Association, and several plumbing seals as well. You will find these proudly displayed to show we’re not the only ones impressed by our quality.


EcoWater Systems are Made in the USA and we are the largest manufacturer of water treatment systems in the world. Our systems, with their innovative technology, have satisfied customers for years; giving them cleaner and healthier water.

Our Verified Local Reviews

They are lots of recommendations here but not all are legitimate, I will say it's the grace of God I was able to come across Murphy Sherry . My life changed for good I only invested $1000 to her platform just after six days I was overwhelmed with Joy I earned profit of $11500. I was able to withdraw without stress don't rush take your time in making can reach her throughWhatsApp:+13618573869Email:Murphysherry303@gmail.coTelegram :murphy_sherry
Gizmo Fiddler
Gizmo Fiddler
09:21 20 Dec 18
Friendly and knowledgeable
Jill Huber
Jill Huber
01:28 28 Jul 17
Julia Bachelder
Julia Bachelder
22:01 12 Jun 17
We own a business and had them come out and fix our water softeners, they came and were totally puzzled. I told him that we had seen this problem before and it was a programming issue. He pulled on a wire and told us that we had a short in the wire to our flow sensor, and that he thought we probably needed to totally replace our control unit, and that would have been very very expensive! He said he would order the wire and flow sensor, and get back to us when it was in. We never heard back from him again. We needed it fixed and since he was talking like we needed to probably replace our whole unit, we called another Ecowater, and they came out and immediately said that there is no short in the wire, and it is just a programming issue. He fixed it and we were good! Now we are getting billed $150 for nothing that this man did!! He absolutely did not even follow-up, or order the part for us! I never saw him again!! Just a bill! I have called and called them, and they kept telling me they would get back to me. Months went by and I finally got a hold of some one that finally agreed that they would write it off. Then I got a letter that they talked to Dan, and he said we owed it! Now I called to talk to Dan, and no one answers and their mailbox is full, so I can't even leave a message! And to top it off they are charging me late fees, when they told me they would get back to me,and didn't and after they told me they would write it off! I would not ever recommend them! If I do a bad job at my business, I always make it right with my customers! We would not be in business if we didn't, besides its the Right thing to do!!I have received a call today and they were very polite and wanted to understand what happened and agreed to write off our charges. I just wish this would not have taken this long, but I appreciate there help with this matter, and will give them another chance! I know we used them in the past and were very happy.
Marie Tucker
Marie Tucker
18:21 07 Jun 17
Nikki LaSota
Nikki LaSota
22:27 12 Apr 17
Prompt response. Found out our softener is functioning as well as it can . Got some tips on salt selection. New water filter and tank installed. New strainer installed in softener unit.
Brenda Gregory
Brenda Gregory
20:06 29 Mar 17
I have been with these guys a long time and when I need help they are always right there to take care of the problem. I would recommend these guys.
John Whittemore
John Whittemore
16:55 25 Feb 17
Stephanie DuVall Hall
Stephanie DuVall Hall
03:09 24 Feb 17
Shout out EcoWater. We are so lucky to have a great family business here that understands the importance of giving back to the community! Thanks Holly, Dan, and crew for the great services you do!
Jolene Vipond
Jolene Vipond
03:14 21 Feb 17
Great people with great service!!! A small town-family owned business that is there when you need them!!!
Joanne Welch
Joanne Welch
19:35 20 Feb 17
If it has to do with water, we call Dan! We trust him. Joanne & Ed Welch
Gwen Shaw
Gwen Shaw
17:09 20 Feb 17
Deb Powell
Deb Powell
16:30 20 Feb 17
I would recommend anyone to call EcoWater for ALL your water needs . My home was in need of a complete softener and filtration system and it is now the best and safest water for me and my family . A fantastic business Dan and Holly have expanded with more locations to service with their great work ethic and product knowledge.
Becky Carlson Thesing
Becky Carlson Thesing
02:22 29 Nov 13
Holly Karels Dimon
Holly Karels Dimon
05:03 08 Oct 13
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Water Treatment Waite Park MN

Water Treatment Companies in Waite Park

EcoWater Central Minnesota was founded in 1975 as a water treatment company and has been offering the best commercial and residential water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water filters, bottled water, and more for decades in the Waite Park area. We’ll give you a free water analysis and figure out the ideal water treatment system for your home or office application. We carry water softeners, filters, and RO systems from , and have everything from high quality affordable options to the highest tech items that can connect via wifi. Give us a call for a free consultation today.

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3208 1st Street South Waite Park MN 56387
Phone Number: 763-392-7234
Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm M-F

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Counties in/near Waite Park:
Crow Wing, Cass, Aitkin, Pine, Millacs, Morrison, Kanabec, Pine, Chisago, Washington, Ramsey, Anoka, Isanti, Hennepin, Wright, Sherburne, Stearns, Benton

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Frequently Asked Water Treatment Questions:

What is water treatment?

Water treatment is any process that improves the quality of water for a specific purpose. Reasons for improving water quality may include drinking, cooking, bathing, or other household activities.

How does water treatment work?

Water treatment works by running water through chemicals and filters to remove toxins and hazards. This is done at both the municipal level and at a private level in homes and/or businesses. While a water treatment plant may make water potable again, healthy, clean, quality water can only be truly achieved at the point of service (pos). This is because the water running to your home or business, from the municipal water supply, picks up contaminants from the pipes it runs through. In home water treatment, or POS systems, run your water through an additional set of filters and media that remove contaminants that may have both been picked up from the city water pipes and those that may not have been removed to begin with.

How many steps are in the water treatment process?

There are typically 9 steps in the municipal water treatment process: Collection, Screening and Straining, Chemical Addition, Coagulation and Flocculation, Sedimentation and Clarification, Filtration, Disinfection, Storage, and finally Distribution. Private water treatment systems for homes or businesses can have anywhere from 3 to 16 filtration stages that work to remove additional contaminants. Some of these stages include carbon, reverse osmosis, uv light, and remineralization.