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Free Home & Well Water Testing for Homeowners in Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Brainerd

3 simple steps to know what’s in your water and how to fix it. Get immediate & accurate results with our free basic water test.

EcoWater Central Minnesota offers homeowners free basic water testing with fast, accurate results in most local areas. Enter your zip code to see if you qualify for free water testing!

We will perform a basic test on your water to determine your Total Dissolved Solids, Hardness, and Chlorine content and present you with a professional analysis of the results.

Step 1

Contact our friendly staff to set a convenient time for you to get your water tested. Keep in mind, this test is provided to the homeowner(s) only.

Step 2

Get a free, no-obligation water test for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), hardness, pH, iron, and chlorine. Further testing for other contaminants is also available at an affordable price.

Step 3

Our professional, local, courteous water expert will inspect your plumbing setup and inform you of water treatment options as well as a custom pricing solution for your home, water useage, and water quality.